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Our first Skyline competition was launched in 2016 and the response was amazing, so much so, that we've made it a yearly event.


Each year has a different theme and prizes are awarded for the winner. This year we have fantastic cash prizes on offer for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, generously donated by Rockpanel

Last year's theme was THE FUTURE OF THE HIGH STREET and the competition closed on the 30th September 2021. Previous entry details can be found here:   

The general rules:

  • Every Skyline competition is open to everyone, not just architects and designers

  • Your entry must be submitted as a single, continuous hand-drawn line on landscape A3 white or tracing paper

  • Your ink line must be drawn without removing the pen’s nib from start to finish (within human limits!): you must not fold the paper or otherwise interrupt the single continuous line; lines can cross at any angle but should not over-write each other by tracking one line ‘on top’ of another for any perceivable distance

  • Your line should terminate on the right and left sides of the page 1/3 of the way up from the bottom. You can trace, sketch, plan, computer model, pencil out or otherwise pre-plan your submission, but your actual submission must be hand-drawn with ink on paper

  • Any pre-planning lines or marks should be completely removed before submission

2018 winner 

Great Welsh Interior by Angharad Traylor

Skyline 2018 winner.jpg

2017 winner 

Iconic Welsh Landscape by Priit Jurimae

2017 winner_edited.jpg

2016 winner 

Future View Welsh Skyline by Priit Jurimae

skyline2016 winner.jpg
Sky09 - Winner.jpg

2019 winner 

Borders by Sona Koroghli

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